The V&A Fashion Mashup Book

Something non fashion related for today's post. An actual book! I can't remember if I've ever mentioned but when I was younger, like a lot younger, (about 6) I used to love reading! I was really good at it and enjoyed it. But it didn't last. As I came to my teens I spent more time with my friends, talking to my friends online and books were kinda phased out. Which is sad, because reading is amazing!

I used to love pop-up books, and always trace over the illustrations in the pages as I could never draw. And I used to love the cardboard cut out books, where you can dress the 2D girl/boy in the clothes with the fold over tabs. Which is What drew me to this book! This book is what I like to call an interactive coffee table book. It's a press out book, with stickers and quirky illustrations.

Published in partnership with the V&A museum , which I think is my fave museum and I urge you all to have a visit of it one day! It has the best exhibitions, and if you like art, design and textiles, you'll find something that's for you. This book is a mix of quirky illustrations by designer Daisy De Villeneuve and reads as a fun history of fashion book with styling tips. It also has fashion backgrounds for your 2D models to take pictures of, which is what inspired this entire blog post really.

This was a really fun and nostalgic mini project/ blog post to work on, I hope you liked it! Did you have any fave books like this when you were little?


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