5 Horror Films You Need to Watch on Halloween

It occurred to me the other day I didn't have a Halloween post planned for y'all... but then I also realised I don't have anything planned for Halloween at all. I'm introverted so the idea of going out to a crowded club/ house party, dressed up in some half arsed costume ain't my thing (no shade intended). My ideal Halloween is indoors hiding from trick or treaters, snacking on my snacks, watching Netflix. Plus I like horror films (not sure why) but here are my top 5 to get you through the spooky season.

1. The Orphanage: Honestly one of the scariest films I've seen. A 10/10 for the creepiness and making me feel tense throughout my entire time of watching it. From the director of Pan's Labrynth (also an awesome film!) it is a must watch! Not only a scare fest but it has an actual narrative to it aswell. I never really understood the whole 'children are creepy' idea, but yea, I get it now.

2. You're Next: My best friend had to convince me for a good few minuets that this film was good (she'd seen it before but didn't mind watching it again with me) To be frank, the thumbnail on Netflix looked a bit shit, but this exceeded all my expectations. Its a really simple home invasion story (which I find super scary, because they are the only ones I find realistic) If you know you're horror or have studied it (like me) it follows the 'last girl' theory which I'm a big fan of and this film definatly gets your adrenaline going.

3. The Woman in Black: I saw the play of this years ago and thought 'how scary can a play be?' Well the joke was on me as it was CHILLING! I'm pretty sure this was Daniel Radcliffe's first film after Harry Potter and I was curious about his acting and thought it was an interesting film choice for him to do. This film is a really simple ghost story but surprisingly terrifying! As in, no matter how many times I see this film, it still scares me.

4. Scream: One of the first horror films I watched and a good intro to the teen slasher genre. I wouldn't say this film is actually scary, but I still think of it as a classic. Also a film that was very self aware which was refreshing. I would say this is a good film to begin with if you don't like being too scared.

5. Casper- A family friendly one for those who don't like being scared. I loved this film as kid! (And Casper meets Wendy for that matter) A genuinely sweet film about a lonely ghost, it brings back such nostalgic feels of my childhood, I love watching this.

6. Special Guest Mention: American Horror Story. I know this isn't a film, but I've definitely been watching this over the entire month of October and still fits with the scary theme. I've never been scared by a TV show so much, I also wouldn't watch it if you are of a nervous disposition but I really enjoy AHS. There is nothing else like this on TV/ Netflix and it really covers all grounds of making people shit scared from the imagery, characters, music and plot. No season is the same so you can choose what series you want to start with; I suggest Coven as the general consensus is that is the least scariest one.

So there is my list of things to watch this Hallows eve, let me know on social media (@marisa_thorne) what you'll be doing :)