PLT Try On Haul | Try The Trend: Gingham

Marisa Thorne UK Fashion Blogger PLT Haul

I cant be alone in seeing a trend, or item of clothing and thinking 'meh'. Well, I do! All the time! It's actually a tad annoying especially when I like to think of myself as a fashion lover, but every now and again I just think I cant really get on board with that. And it will be for a number of reasons but the main one being not being sure how to style the items because they don't fit in with my personal style. So feeling like I was getting left behind on the non-stop, million miles an hour 'Fashion Train', I thought 'Well... you know... I could just try them!'. And then I had a mini light-bulb moment 💡  

This could maybe be kinda good content.

And so I thought of a little video/ YouTube mini-series, which I have aptly named 'Try The Trend'. I'm still not sure n the name, but it's short and sweet and does what it says on the tin. I will literally pick a trend, try it and talk you through it.

So to kick off the first episode is the gingham trend! I know I'm probably kinda behind in this trend but, like I said, that fashion train is fast! It's a trend I've seen for ages, but wasn't sure about but I have slowly come around to it.

So here is the video, it's a mix of sit down haul/ chatty/ vloggy style video, so it suits all preferences! And everything is from Pretty Little Thing. If you want me to try another trend or have any other recommendations, let me know in the comments or on social media, I'd love t hear what you think!



  1. this look seeing so trendy! i love the gingham styles you done a great job. i'm exiting to try this trends it's really fantastic looks. the videos presentation was really great thoughts..