The Boots from Primark You Must Own!

Marisa Thorne Primark boots

As part of making blogging easy on myself I'm blogging about 1 item or 'hero piece' if you want fashion talk 😉. Self-shooting pictures has also forced me to be more creative with editing my pictures. I don't have an insta worthy background, hence the lack of photos and I wanted the main focus to be the boots; So I decided to blog about them and why you need to own them, and it's because they are amazing! I do love a statement boot after all, who remembers Love & Peace beautiesI have seen these type of boots on the market for so long, they come in various styles and colours (without studs/ extra buckles). I love these particularly because of the studded star print on the front and the sides of them; But when ever I see somebody wear them, I always thought they look so effortlessly cool and stylish.

These are £16 from Primark and as much as I want to wear them all the time (maybe sleep in them) I'm worried about ruining them as we all know Primark quality is poor. But I'll probably buy another pair. They sass up any outfit and I've enjoyed wearing them with my A-line black pleather mini skirt and a slogan tee for a modern 60's vibe or  black jeans and a jumper. I kinda need summer to be over so I can wear them all season round.    

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