My Print Collection

I don't think I've ever featured an interior section on this blog but that is about to change! I always knew I wanted this blog to be a fashion blog so that's what I've done but a switch up every now and then is good. I do believe interior decore is a talent and a skill (one that I do not posses 😅). My style is quite eclectic anyway and the home decore I do admire (open, minimal) I just couldn't upkeep. Also I've never really had free rein of a property or space to decorate, but I do have a lot of ideas about how I want my home to look.

As I was searching for something in my room the other day, I stumbled across my print collection which are all framed and ready to go, but I've never put up. I'm too worried about hammering holes in the wall to do it. But I thought I would talk you through some of them today AND by the power of Photoshop, I can cut and paste and demonstrate  to you where they would go. These are a very random collection of personal prints that I have either bought while travelling or made myself or collected from somewhere, so they are literally one of a kind and most aren't available to buy unfortunately.

1.My Happiness and Beauty prints. All the way from China and I was about 16 at the time so bought them for what they stood for, but they are still lovely prints.

2. My name in Chinese script. Again, all the way from China and I watched it being written. I thought it was amazing that, that is how you would spell/ draw my name.

3. My step-mum picked this up from Valencia for me. She had a few similar paintings and drawings from local artist around her old house and I always wanted one. So she got me one as a belated birthday present. It's a painting of one of the local villages.

4. My South African print. Honestly, this isn't my fave print. But I really wanted to bring something back from the country that wasn't a key ring and I would lose. It's also nice to support local business' out there.

5. Love Magazine cover. I just really like this magazine cover. I love the design in the logo and the font across it too.

6. My own artwork (try to hold back the tears of laughter! I am not an artist!) But yea, the teenage phase where I would paint song lyrics, so emo, ikr? And these are some of my all time fave lyrics that my best friend wrote :)

7. My most recent one is a map of the Japanese Underground. I just thought it was a cool free souvenir. On the reverse side is the same map only written in Japanese but isn't it one of the most complicated maps ever?!

8. My Gilda print. I love old Hollywood and Gilda is one of the best films I've seen and I love Rita Hayworth. I got this from the V&A when I went to a costume exhibition there.


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