Spring Wishlist

So kind of a funny blog post today. I was putting together a wishlist for this weeks post so I could practice with my new graphics tablet and found myself being naturally drawn to... you guessed it. Pom poms. It's kind of annoying me how much I mention them on here and I will be banning myself from writing about them in the future 😅But here is a random list of wants I have seen whilst internet shopping:

1. I mentioned these jeans on last weeks post, but thought they deserved an extra mention anyway. Pink is this seasons colour, but if you don't want to appear too girly this a adds a touch of fun to your outfit.

2 &3. Not fashion related but I was in paper chase the other and saw a few bit and pieces that I though were adorable! Not to mention useful. They have a stationary range with llamas on it and seeing as they are one of my fave animals (I have about 10) I thought this could do with a mention. Its a notebook and pen and I know everyone out there is a sucker for stationary, and the llama cup I also thought was cute and anything to help us drink more water is also a bonus.     

4. I have been lusting after Zara shoes for quite some time, but can justify buying another air of heeled sandles I probably won't wear. But I still love them. They could potentially be worn with smart black trousers and can be easily worn to jazz up any office work wear.

5. Now if I was the kinda girl that could be bothered to style her hair on regular basis, I would totally be up for putting these in my hair. Any kind of hair style or accessory where its OK if its messy, I'm for it and I think these would be perfect for summer.

6. Did anyone else know that Accessorize did bedding?!!? I feel like this is a big moment! Hot pink pom poms over a plain white bedding is my ideal bed, as I like quite like a clear bedspace. I cant find a specific range of bedding but shop for this specific one here 

  7. And finally a top from Asos, (because Asos never fails me) I feel like I've practically built an outfit for y'all 😅 but this light cool crop top with ruffle sleeves is my final choice. Ruffles are still in this season and I think can/ will be carried over to Autumn.


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