Hi, It's Me...

Hi, so this feels kinda strange to me blogging again, but here I am. I have no idea what prompted me to take a break from blogging for a good 3 months but I suppose I had other priorities and couldn't balance them all. And once I got out of the habit of blogging I lot my blogging motivation, but I'm back now (hopefully).

So excuses! While I was away, I had my work experience-which I had planned to blog about but it was slightly underwhelming, so I didn't... Unless anyone out there would like to here about a Digital Marketing placement with a big branded retailer? Let me know, because I would like to share my experience if it's helpful to anyone. Because I knew I was going to be away, I had planned to somehow do some blogging where I was staying, but didn't like anything I'd done and (without being too self deprecating) it really wasn't good enough to publish.

Excuse number 2: I had an assignment. Not a big massive dissertation type of assignment, but still. It took priority and I really want to to do well in this course so dedicated quite a lot of time to it. Hopefully it pays off 😬  And finally excuse numero 3: The weather. If your type of content is mainly fashion related, you need good weather! Most of my blog photos are done outside because of the better lighting and you don't get that in winter. But now that spring is here, (she says as its raining outside as I type) and the nice weather is always motivating I have no excuse!

So those are my 3 rather shit but understandable excuses on why I haven't been blogging but the good news is, when I had my little 'Marisa you have to create/ write/ do something' I did have the random motivation to make a Spring Haul & Try On video, which I'm actually quite proud of 😇 So please do have watch of that, I'd love to know your thoughts! The items in the video below will be featuring in the next round of photos, so keep your eyes peeled!


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