5 Reasons Why I Cant Instagram

marisa thorne uk fashion blogger

Hands up, who takes their Insta game seriously or is guilty of over thinking about their Instagram feed/ theme? (I know I am) Then this post is for you, its an Instagram rant; while I didn't want it to be a rant about how rubbish Instagram has gotten, I thought I though I would take a more light hearted approach. I have read a handful of posts about 'how to grow your following' and 'up your insta game' and while they have been kinda useful and insightful, I managed to follow most bits of advice from them, my 'insta game and following' has not really grown.

I'm well aware of the mysterious 'algorithm' and how it is making it hard for people to get seen, I also notice the people complaining about it have a following already so at first I didn't get why they were frustrated but when I started to take Instagram more seriously and saw there was 0 pay off, I got it, and because of that I go through phases of liking and not liking Instagram. Instagram used be a really spontaneous way of sharing your pictures and the editing tools it provided were fun, (even if no one knew how to use them) Now it's more contrived and way more effort than I can be bothered to put in. So, to make you all feel better about your own themes, here are my 5 reasons why I'll never be able to instagram.

marisa thorne uk fashion blogger
1) I cant get to grips with a theme. I admire those that do, but my God its a headache! Each picture having to link with the previous one, limiting yourself to a colour scheme, over editing it the same way for each picture and it flowing nicely. I just cant do it! I tried to edit my pics the same way, but ended up just ruining the original so didn't post it. Having a theme for me personally is really restrictive... which I hate. So, I'm kinda ditching the theme. If I have a pic I wanna post, I'ma damn well post it!

2) I don't edit my pictures. (white lie there, I just don't heavily over edit my pictures)  Following on from having a theme and having to edit your pictures so they look uniform... I just cba. I used to use VSCO to change the colour and tweak the lighting of a photo but it just didn't work with all my pictures, so I don't bother anymore. Sometimes editing is necessary and can be fun, but I found myself getting sucked into it a bit too much. The pics that I do post on Instagram are rarely from my phone, they are usually taken on a DSLR camera and have been edited from there, but I do try and avoid editing them again afterwards.

3) I don't buy followers. Kinda controversial here but I just don't agree with it. Some people don't see it as a big deal but I think its a bit shady and not genuine. It's also very misleading for your audience. So, unfortunately for me I'm taking the slow painstaking approach of growing a following naturally.

4) I'm lazy. Simple as. There are times when I just forget to post and leave it days at a time. One of the many tips I read was to be consistent when posting. If I were to do that, the quality of my pictures would be shit, I don't like just posting anything in the name of being consistent but again that could be holding me back. Who knows?  

5) I don't live that instagramable life. Another tip I read was to make sure your feed fits with your lifestyle. Well, I don't live a particularly glamorous/ cute life- I don't own anything rose gold, or marble effect. I think the most popular feeds are black and white/ monochromatic but again, that's not my lifestyle. So I have to make do with what I have, which isn't so bad.

marisa thorne uk fashion blogger

So those are my 5 reasons, hope that makes you feel better about your own feed or if you are if you are struggling with Instagram yourself. But from now on I'm not paying any attention to themes or algorithms. I think it could be quite refreshing for some to see a more natural instagram account.  

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  1. Love the post, I strongly feel against buying followers on instagram and recently wrote a little note about it on my recent blog post. Can't agree enough with you on this point. Love you blog, happy to have landed here.