marisa thorne #apovgiftswap

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself today with a Christmas themed blog post BUT before you click off and decide it's way to early for xmas themed posts yet, (I'm with ya sister!) we still have Halloween to celebrate yet! This could be of some interest to you-my fellow bloggers.

Now... I'm not the biggest xmas fan going... I know that's quite a controversial thing to say but I'm just not. Things just get really hectic around xmas and I find it quite an over-whelming time of year. That said, I do consider myself an excellent present giver. And the act of secret Santa's is really fun and convenient and that's what I've come with you today: A bloggers gift swap! The gift swap is run by lifestyle blogger Viola who runs her blog A Piece Of Viola. I found the idea through randomly scrolling through twitter and when I saw it, I instantly thought 'What a nice idea!' One of the best things I've discovered about blogging which never really occurred to me when I started, is the community. A lovely, positive place full of like minded people. Which is what appealed to me in the first place. Viola will pair you up with a like-minded blogger and you get to know each other and send each other a gift at Christmas.

marisa thorne #apovgiftswap

What you send is completely up to you (and how much you spend of course) you can buy it, you make it if you're crafty but I loved the idea of getting to know somebody new, with similar interests. Like I said, I love Secret Santa's but we've all been victim of receiving or giving a gift from somebody who has no clue in our likes or interests, so I like that this is more personable.

If you want to be involved, and I you recommend you do! Who knows, you get paired with me! ;) Go over to Viola's #apovgiftswap page here . It has all the information about it and is really easy to apply. When you receive you're awesome gifts, don't forget to blog about it either!

Oh and for whoever is paired with me, I like cats... and tequila ;)  


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