Spontaneous Re-brand

marisa thorne uk fashion blogger

So... things look a little different around here huh? Well first of all I really hope you like it because I myself was worried I wouldn't like it. I've had a bit of a spontaneous re-brand and I made the 'executive decision' to change things up.

 I've been wanting a new blog design for a while now but just couldn't make a decision and the thought of getting involved in html code always seems daunting; even though I'm still trying to teach myself bits and pieces, but I do find it very hard to learn. Most blogs (that I read) always seem to follow a particular layout (this one in fact) or very similar, and I thought mine wouldn't stand out. But now, I've finally given in because I see that these layouts are very practical and easy to navigate your way around, which was one of my priorities.

The company I went with were Gatto, a really nice company with blog designs for Blogger and Wordpress and custom made if you want something really unique (affordable to). The template also comes with instructions and pictures so you're not completely on your own when installing it. I was so prepared to be emailing them- which they welcome btw, and getting stressed out, but this really was the easiest blog template I've installed and I'm really happy with it.

But here it is, a fully functioning blog with links to al social medias and everything! Let me know what you think :)



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