Nip + Fab | Review

Its rare that I will like a new product straight off the bat or after one use but Nip + Fab have quickly become a firm favourite of mine. I originally was looking for a face mask on the plane to Japan, an 18 hour flight was gonna make my skin look shit so I took to the internet to look for something that that would help. While there wasn't that many reviews on Nip + Fab, this seemed the easiest to get hold of and within my price range- I'd seen them in Boots stores but still overlooked them. I purchased the 'Glycolic Instant Fix Mask' (after a quick Google search of what the hell glycolic acid is?!) Yes, I had my reservations about buying a product with 'acid' in it and titles such as 'viper venom' but obviously these products contain neither acid or venom. Glycolic acid is actually made from a sugar cane plant.

Nip+Fab Skincare

The instant fix mask is a clear gel like consistency that you leave on your skin for 10 mins and then rinse off. I used this on the plane and reapplied it every 2-3 hours and the results were better than I expected! I have honestly stepped off planes looking like a grey deflated prune and it can take days for my skin to recover. But after using this, my skin looked a normal colour, slightly shiny but still incredibly soft. I now use this mask once a week on my skin.

I was so impressed by this one product, I was curious for more and did more research on the brand. Most of the products listed claim to fight lines and wrinkles, and minimise pores. So I made a big bulk purchase during their sale at xmas, and I've been testing it all out ever since. I even instagramed it here, I was so happy (go have a look to see what I bought) I still have not used everything I bought but I'm still impressed with what I have used. I'm using the 'Viper Venom Wrinkle Fix' (still not a fan of the name tbh) once/ twice daily before I moisturise, which is another thick gel, which smells good too. All products have a fresh, clean smell to them.
Nip+Fab Skincare

I get the feeling the ingredients in these products are quite strong, my skin definitely tingles with the face mask but if you want to give your skincare a overhaul or kick start, I would recommend it. My skin feels so soft and polished after using and is a good base for makeup if you don't have time to prep your skin in the morning.

The 'scrub fix' is my new exfoliater and leaves my skin feeling literally squeaky clean but not to dry as do the Dragon's Blood Cleansing Pads.  
The website will be linked below if you wanted to check out any more of their products as I know they have a body care and fitness range to, but this is definitely a firm part of my skincare regime from now on. I don't really consider myself as a beauty blogger, but I was just so impressed with this brand I had to share.

Nip+Fab Skincare

Nip+Fab Skincare

Have you used anything from Nip + Fab?

Statement Shoe | The Pom Pom Trainer

I'm defiantly a shoe girl and more recently a statement shoe kinda gal. For days when your not really feeling getting too dressed up, cant be bothered, or maybe its laundry day a statement shoe can really pull an outfit together. When I say statement, this can also include really bright colours on all dark outfit, or maybe there is a certain feature to the shoe that you wanna show off.

I've had these trainers for a lil while now, but have never featured them on here; I came across these pompom trainers in River Island, which I don't usually shop at but fell for these instantly and saw they were only limited edition and didn't want to miss my chance. Pom poms are everywhere, and a really fun finishing touch to an item. These are still quite subtle being all black, so I don't feel too daring in them tbh. Not the most comfiest of trainers at first, but now I've worn them in, they feel fine, but I still haven't worn them in the rain haha! I'm looking forward to adding more statement shoes to my collection :)

statement shoe, pom pom trainer

statement shoe, pom pom trainer

Spontaneous Re-brand

marisa thorne uk fashion blogger

So... things look a little different around here huh? Well first of all I really hope you like it because I myself was worried I wouldn't like it. I've had a bit of a spontaneous re-brand and I made the 'executive decision' to change things up.

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Stripes and Sequins

As with most things, I'm kinda late to the party (if I actually bother going- such an introvert). I know stripes are a given in a girls wardrobe and I've always been told they look flattering on every shape and body type, and until recently I kinda disagreed. I would look back on pictures of myself in stripes and just think 'urgh'. I would however say my sense of personal style has developed and come a lot further from when I was 17 and I would where pretty much anything.

I was going through my wardrobe t'other day and realised, I had somehow accumulated a few stripy t-shirts. And, like most of my fashion choices, my fave outfits or the ones I get the most compliments on happen by accident or when I don't pt too much thought into them. I had in my head that I wanted to look smart, but quirky for the day, and had also realised I'd never worn this glittery trophy jacket. When my BFF complimented me and had a delayed look in the mirror, I was quite pleased with the result. The striped top is one of the softest tops I own and the buttons come all way undone, adding versatility to your wardrobe and the jacket is also from Topshop. I'm a firm believer that sequins are for life and not just for xmas ;) I have no problems wearing sparkles all year round. It's a lil bit tight on me, but I wanted that shrunken look and offsets the stripes quite nicely.  I love mixing and matching :)

marisa thorne is stripes and sequins uk fashion blogger

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The Silk Bomber

If there is one key piece for this season I would say it's the bomber jacket, weather it's the classic khaki, ultra chic black, or my personal fave, navy blue. But there are so many other variations I've seen on the market; I've seen oriental floral designs making an appearance which are beautiful and I will probably end up purchasing one. This spring/ summer alone, I've collected about 5ish? How does that even happen? They just come in so many different styles, too many if you ask me as my mini collection is getting slightly ridiculous.

After purchasing my trusty practical one from Topshop, I wanted to have one which I was able to wear on a night out or in the warmer weather. I went for this luxury looking silk one from Zara, with a subtle and slim buckle collar, which I wont be doing up personally as I don't like the look of the jacket done up on me personally. The colour is pale, silvery and  shimmery, perfect for when the lights dim  and the disco ball gets going. The only down side.. no pockets! Why? When are clothing manufactures going to realise if an item has pockets, it gets 10 extra points.

marisa thorne silk bomber jacket uk fashion blogger

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