Catch Up + Valencia Travel Vlog

Hello! I'm back (sort of). I haven't been around for a bit because I literally haven't felt like blogging and seeing as this is a hobby, the second I feel obliged to do something, I want to do it even less! So I thought I'd take an unexpected break. I'm also well aware this blog could be considered an OOTD only blog, but that's what I like and those are the blogs I read; but when your blog has only one main source of content I always worry it can get very dry, very quickly. It also involves a lot of shopping... which I'm fine with ;) but I haven't seen anything I like on the high street and again I'm not going to be buying clothes I'm not into just for the sake of it. I think where it was the end of season, I didn't want to buy too many things as all summer stuff was due and now I'm feeling all summer inspired and the weather is god for pics so I'm slowly easing myself back into it again. I also think I'm gonna scale back my posts to once a week now, which is probably not what a 'real blogger' does but I think it will just suit me and my lifestyle better and the quality will still be the same.

I'm also going through a real 'how am I spending my time' phase. I love Netflix as much as the next girl, but I was getting a bit restless and I got to thinking 'I could really be doing something more productive right now'. So I'm making a conscious decision to do something productive every day! If I see gaps between my work schedule, I've been trying to fill it with something useful.  

Speaking of..... If you read my last blog post here  where I went to Valencia, I think I mentioned I was filming my little holiday, well I finally got all the footage I filmed from Valencia, sat down with Jon and made a few travel vlogs. It would mean the absolute world to me if you could have a watch and let me know what you think as I'm quite pleased with them and I've really been enjoying the editing process. I've made a few vlogs so stick around and keep your eyes peeled for more.



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