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Flared Jeans

Marisa Thorne

 The 70s trend looks like it's here to stay (which I'm fine with). Even if it's in the background of fashion trends, I'm seeing a lot of pieces that can easily be incorporated into a 70's wardrobe. I think it's because there are so many variations of 70's trends, do you like the hippy chic look or are you fascinated by Studio 64 and the glam disco queens? One key item that that I've noticed in trend reports is flared jeans, so here is my take on a modern 70's look for short girls.

marisa thorne marisa thorne

I'm aware that flared jeans have had their comeback already but I was a bit hesitant on trying them out. Why? I'm 5'3, ie. short and flared jeans will swamp me, no? No. My experience with flared jeans was when I was 13 and 2 stone heavier so the 'flaredness' simply got lost with all my other body proportions, not to mention I was a bit grungy and self conscious so I would team it with oversized long sleeved hoodies and jumpers. I would suggest the top half of your body needs to have something slimming or tailored to balance out the jeans. Something that shows off your waist is super flattering too. The next thing you need to think about is length. Magazine style guides might suggest these jeans are mainly for tall girls or wearing them with heels, but that's just impractical for day to day wear and my particular jeans aren't glam enough for going out out in. If you find the perfect flare for you but still too long, I would really recommend getting them tailored to the the right length. Failing that, shop for your exact measurements. Topshop for example does waist and length measurements. Mine are from American Eagle Outfitters and they are just awesome at denim.

I find denim a lot like shoes, they have to be broken into to be comfortable. When I tried these on, available here they were just instantly soft and comfortable, and the right length. If you are in need of jeans I would seriously recommend checking AEO out.

marisa thorne

marisa thorne

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