Tresemme Undone Waving Wand and Waving Foam | Review

I have thick, heavy hair so need heat to help it maintain that natural wave, I'm sharing my thoughts on my new Tresemme waving wand 

Treseme Waving Wand Review

Since going for the chop and joining the short hair club, I've realised it's not as low maintenance as I thought. While it is definatly easier to maintain, I cant just leave it to sort itself out or put it in a messy bun as I would when I had my super long hair. Since my hair is naturally matted an wavy, I thought I would play up to it's strengths and curl/ wave it myself anyway. In the past I have just used my straighteners to curl my hair which while it does work, I just didn't like the desired effect so I thought I would invest in a curling wand.

A quick Google/ Amazon search showed just how many curlers are on the market so I based my entire decision on the title of said curling wand- While I know you shouldn't judge a product by it's title, I did like the look of this one and it was totally within my price range I decided to go with it. Tight, glam, structured curls aren't really my thing so I liked the idea of having natural 'un-done waves'.

This wand isn't taperd at the end like most wands I saw, so the curl will be pretty even through out and the barrel is quite large, hence your curl will be quite large too. This curling wand comes with a heat proof matt and glove, which is definatly useful for this specific one as it doesn't have a clamp (that's a hair/ beauty term, right?) to hold your hair, which is the only thing I don't like about it. I hadn't taken into consideration the arm ache I would get when holding my hair in these funny positions.

I also use this together with the Tresemme un-done wave creating shampoo, conditioner and wave creating foam (This issn't an ad, I swear, just a coincidence- and I have always wondered the difference in using the same branded products)* The foam I use on damp hair, as instucted and does create slightly more definition, even on damp hair and doesn't leave your newly clean hair congested with all this product.
I feel like I can cover a lot more ground with my hair using this curler as I have a lot of thick hair so it takes me ages!

*It makes no difference, use whatever products you like ;)

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