The Body Shop | Body Butter Review

I've been using The Body Shop's Body Butter on and off for years now and it is the one product I always associate with the Body Shop, probably because I've been using it for so long. Just the term butter make me think of something really luxurious and indulgent. This formula is so thick and enriching for the skin, not to mention they smell amazing. I have just today finished the Strawberry scented one, which I just so happen to use with the Strawberry body wash which can really intensify the fruity smell.

The other scents included in the set are coconut, now I'm not the biggest coconut fan- everybody I know seems to really really love it, where as I'm a bit impartial to it. But this isn't over whelming and still a creamy but sweet scent. The Shea body butter scent is the most floral and fresh scented of them all with a really thicker creamier formula to it. The one with a lighter floral scent is the moringa body butter, and yes, I had to Google  'moringa'. It's a plant. This is good if you didn't want anything too over-powering or already had a signature scent. The sweetest smelling one is the mango one. This is also the most sheer butter of them all and is slightly thinner so it spreads around a little bit more easily on your body.

This little variety pack of body moisturisers is handy for travelling and good for those of us who cant commit to just one scent. Do you have a fave Body Shop product? Let me know xx



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