No. 7 Cleansing Oil and Cleansing Brush Review

No. 7 cleansing brush and cleansing oil

Another beauty reveiw! You can tell it's too cold for outfit photos and posts cant you? ;) This is also the year I want to step up my skin care routine. I am apparently in the age group where I have to start worrying about wrinkles and ageing skin ;/ While I'm not too worried about ageing I do think it is important to take care of your skin. I have seen these electronic cleansing brushes on the market for a while now, and I wanted to try one for myself but found them too expensive. But I found one which was much more within my price range.  This No. 7 cleansing brush is what I can only describe as an electronic toothbrush for the face, it gently buffs away the skin getting rid of any dirt and make up that has been left behind. This is quick and easy to use and the brush head is replaceable, I use this about  once a week (I don't want to overwork my skin) and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and deeply cleaned and polished. I do wish the brush came with some sort of stand to place it in when its not being used.

You can team this with any cleanser of your choice but I team mine with my cleansing oil. I probably use the No. 7 cleansing oil about 2-3 times a week on dry skin to help melt away make up and any other impurities. I'm looking to try my cleansing brush with other cleansers to see the out come and other cleansing oils too.

No. 7 cleansing brush and cleansing oil


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