Bare Minerals | Precious Gems Review

Not my usual kind of post but I thought I'd give another beauty review a go and there are only so many outfit posts you can do in winter when we only have 6 hours of natural light a day. (I am planning some fashion posts though) I've probably said before but I am by no means a 'beauty expert', I casually enjoy make up and love how it can make you feel more confident but my make up stash is pretty small. So the word review in the title will have to be used quite loosely and think of this post as a general chit chat.

I've recently been introduced to Bare Minerals, a brand I was familiar with but had never tried and I can honestly say I really really like them! Natural products that are good for your skin? Amazing! I have since tried a few other samples of their mineral powder foundations and love them also. I was lucky enough to be gifted a set of their lip oil balm trios. Three very natural looking lip balms which are perfect if you love the natural look and leave your lips feeling moisturised. Sometimes a lipstick is too heavy for day to day wear and lip gloss too sticky on a windy day so these are the ideal in between.

Coming in 3 shades: 'Nude Passion', 'Pink Passion' and 'Plumberry Pop', they offer all the basic colours. My experience with Nude shade lip colours is very minimal as all the ones I've tried make me look ill, but because these are lip balms as well they give your lips a nice looking sheen to them and the nude could be worn over a lipstick also as it comes out quite colourless compared to its gold look in the bullet. 'Pink Passion' is the one I would most likely go for as most of my lipsticks are a variation of pink. 'Plumberry Pop', although the darkest isn't as intimidating as it looks in the bullet and still comes out quite sheer so I feel I could still wear this in the day.

Disclaimer: Please note this was a gifted item from Bare Minerals lovely PR team, however I am not being paid to feature them on my blog. All opinions are my own.


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