Watch Wishlist

I honestly have been in need of a watch for quite a while but I always put it on the back burner. Before anyone says 'Why don't you just look at your phone?' well, when I'm at work I cant. Strange I know but I'm not allowed any personal items on myself at work, hence I need a watch. I'm also very picky when it comes to watches, they need to have numbers! Definitely not Roman numerals and definitely not bare faced, I have no idea how people read watches with no numbers, you might as well guess the time. My last problem is my uber skinny wrists- The only skinny thing about me. I find it difficult to wear bracelets and rings due to my hands and fingers being so small, they will just slip off me. I was looking for a watch with a buckle strap instead of a clasp. While I have all these fussy requirements, while I was shopping around I did see a few I liked but I knew I wouldnt wear, so I compiled my shopping list here for you to browse below.



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