Blogger Resolutions 2016

I still consider myself a bit of newbie blogger at times and I cant believe I've actually managed to keep up this new hobby of mine for 2 years! Despite going AWOL over xmas which you can read about here. I started it in January (can you tell it was a new years resolution type of thing?) I'm actually really proud that I've stuck at something and still enjoying it :) It got me thinking that if I can actually keep this up for 2 years, I should really attempt to make a conscious effort to try and improve the content (and quality) of my blog. So while I don't really believe in NY resolutions, I've set some small-ish and hopefully achievable ones for my blog:

1. Improve My Writing 

I don't know if I mentioned it before but I used to really like writing as a child and then after my pretty bad GCSE (and degree) results, I got it into my head that I was a bad writer, so I stopped. It's only recently occurred to me that writing is a small but vital part of this blog, and I really want to improve on that. I want to write, witty engaging features which I don't think I really do. My writing style at the moment is a free flowing, stream of consciousness, conversational type of thing and I need to hone my skills. Weather its taking an online writing class or something different, I'm going to make more of an effort with what I write.

2. Photography?

Now I know I've got Jon on board (weather he likes it or not ;) and he takes general care of the photography side of things but I think its about time I try and up my editing skills. Although I'm very happy with my OOTD pictures, I would like my pictures to have maybe some cool titles/ fonts on them and maybe look a bit more editorial (just in case nobody likes my writing)

3. OOTDs and.......

I'm well aware that my blog is very saturated with pictures of.... well, me but I always intended for this to be a fashion blog and while it always will be, I'm always a tad conscious that this website is a glorified photo album of yours truly. I'd like there to be a bit more variety. Get into the habit of thinking 'can I blog about this?' and find a way to action it.

4. Learn To Code

I'm sure you've heard that the technology industry is crying out for more women in the field and to help out with that, people are starting up online schools/ classes that teach people how to code for FREE! If you can learn something for nothing, take advantage of it! I already attempted to learn code  via codecademy and it is very user friendly and easier than I thought but it does take time to learn. I personally would have to put at least an hour aside to learn, but it does seem like a valuable skill to learn regarding the basics of blog design as I'm not 100% satisfied with my blog design.

5. Improving Instagram

Seems a strange one, but when you blog you probably refer and link to your blog via instagram or twitter so that it almost becomes its own mini blog. I want my instagram to be an extension of my blog not just a personal account and I see so many people with amazing looking/ quality insta accounts. This is the one resolution I literally have no idea where to start with or how to go about it but I'm thinking of a themed instagram with a re-occurring colour scheme or something to that effect. I'm still a tad undecided if I'm actually into themed insta accounts; a part of me thinks 'OMG that looks so cool/ how does she do that/ I wish my pics looked like that!'. But then the other half of me is just like: 'Urgh, really? I literally don't have time to set up a pic like that and edit it'. It takes away the fun spontaneity of a quick snap never looks real to me. But I think it needs to start with me taking more pictures, uploading more frequently and editing them all the same way. We'll see how that goes.

So those are my blogger resolutions, I've no idea if I'll stick to them as I avoid making resolutions in general but my intentions are there :)

7. A New Job

Not blog related, but a personal one for me. A new job is in order. It's time for a change. While I'm not hating my job I'm definatly not 100% happy where I work and I said to myself in 2014 'I'm gonna get a new job' which didn't happen and now its a year later. I'm slightly dissapointed in myself that I didn't try harder, but I really hate job hunting. I would find joining the gym easier! So this is the start of my job hunting journey. I'm not saying I'll definatly have a new job this year (I mean, I hope I will!) But I just hope I disipline myself into actually trying. We'll see :)

Happy 2016 everybody! xx


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