This is without a doubt the latest post I've ever done and I don't quite no how/ why this post fell behind but it did :/ Anyway back in September I got the chance to attend the #BloggersFestival, a blogger event hosted by Scarlett London This event gives you the chance to meet/ network with brands and other bloggers. I was super nervous and had no idea what to expect but it was a really nice day out and I even made friends! Something I find tricky to do being an introvert but everyone was lovely.

 I managed to vlog bits and pieces too, which will hopefully capture and explain what the day was like and the set up of the room. I got a few snaps of what I wore on the day too, because this blog wouldn't be my blog unless it had an outfit picture in it ;) Thanks Scarlett who organised an amazing day and thanks to Pippa for taking the photos(Pippa runs an amazing lifestyle and craft blog so if thats you're thing, definatly have a look :)

leather jacket

mid-heel black shoes

patterned dress


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