Trainers: Nike Stefan Janoski

I'm not normally one to dedicate a whole post to one item, but I like reading up on things in a little more detail sometimes, plus I've fallen in love with said item. A pair of trainers. I'm not a trainer person. Period. My first ever pair of trainers at age 11, were second hand from a friend of mine... who was a boy; I experimented with the usual converse and vans but outgrew them in my (very) late teens and that is pretty much my trainer history.

Nike Stefan Janoski

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Tokyo Disney!

Here ends the last of the Japan diaries, and a summery of my experience out there. I really hope you guys enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. I will definitely blog more about my future travels as they've got quite a good response and I bloody love getting away and experiencing other cultures!

As we were planning our trip we had always decided we all wanted to go to Disneyland and decided that doing it at the very end would be a fun way to spend our last day. (If anyone has ever been to any other Disneyland it is exactly the same, I was expecting a slightly different atmosphere about the place, but it is a pretty universal vibe) The rides are all identical too so I knew what I was expecting on that front. It was early October when we went but it was all Halloween and pumpkin decorations which was extra fun.

Tokyo Disneyland

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This is without a doubt the latest post I've ever done and I don't quite no how/ why this post fell behind but it did :/ Anyway back in September I got the chance to attend the #BloggersFestival, a blogger event hosted by Scarlett London This event gives you the chance to meet/ network with brands and other bloggers. I was super nervous and had no idea what to expect but it was a really nice day out and I even made friends! Something I find tricky to do being an introvert but everyone was lovely.

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The Golden Pavilion and the Bamboo Forest.
One of my fave days out there!
Today's post also includes an orange temple, a cat cafe and a monkey sanctuary..... on top of a mountain!

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Gion and Geisha's.
Our first full day in Kyoto, we took a wander round the quite town of Gion where we went in search for some Geisha's.... and another temple.

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