A fun filled day: Meiji Shrine, Shibuya and more.....

It was a laid back start to the day and our first thought was breakfast. Our Ryokan was very basic and not equipped to cook in and although it had a coffee shop next door, it was always busy and it is customary to queue up outside a place at lunch time; where most eateries are so small and can only fit a dozen people in it a t a time, most people are happy to wait outside. A quick internet search lead us to an Australian themed cafe called cafe byron bay, which was amazing; It had a good choice of veggie and vegan food too.

Marisa Thorne in Japan

We had decided to visit the Meiji Shrine via Yoyogi Park as it was so close to it and it was a nice sunny day. Yoyogi park was a very picturesque place with a big lake, to walk around and a very family orientated feel to it. We saw a lot picnics around, and groups of friends just having an around awesome time in the sun. It was definitely an infectious mood and I would really recommend going in the summer. The Meiji shrine is situated a very short walk away and is also very close to Harajuku. We were lucky enough to see 3 weddings inside the shrine, which was lovely (I love weddings) and it is also a small tradition to write your thoughts, prayers and wishes on a small tablet of wood and hang it up for all to see. It was really lovely reading through some peoples wishes, mainly safe health for friends and family and others saying they would come back happier, better people.


Marisa Thorne in Japan

We didn't know how close Harajuku was, but I got a sense it was nearby, because everybody was dressed really cool, it was like a fashion show on the street and was one of my fave places throughout the trip. After wondering round the shops on Takeshita street- THE street for all the fashionistas! It was a long, narrow street with a  mixture of small markets and mini shopping departments, all very loud and bright of course and smelling of sweets as there a lot of sweet shops around. We got some food and wondered some more and decided to walk to the famous Shibuya crossing.

Shibuya crossing: the biggest 5 way crossing I've ever seen. I want to say its the biggest in the world but I haven't researched it, and I have to say it's a lot of fun to cross. This was one of my most touristy moments but we came across it, watched it for about 10 mins, took some pictures, crossed it, took some more pictures, crossed it and so on, until we got pictures from pretty much every angle. It's amazing to see how chaotic it is crossing it, a big crowd of people going in all sorts of directions and just as quickly as it starts, it stops and all the traffic goes through it again. It is possible to go into a Starbucks and watch the view from upstairs but it was so crowded so we didn't bother, so no pictures from above, but it is defiantly worth seeing.

Photos and edits by Jon Barker or myself 


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