Welcome to the Japan Diaries! This will be a little series on my thoughts and experiences about Japan, a diary like entry for myself to look back on as well, as I've tried in the past to write thoughts down about places I've visited, but me being scatty, I misplaced them. So at least they are now online for me to keep and share :)  

Marisa Thorne in Japan

Japan Day 1
Touch down in Narita

So after a stupidly long flight, which I was dreading but it wasnt too bad, I was running on the excitement of  actually landing in Tokyo. We landed at 10pm Tokyo time  (which was good for getting into a sleep routine). Our Hotel was a short airport shuttle bus ride away and yes it was on time like all Japanese trains and buses. I know that's probably not a very interesting point but trust me, when you live in a country where 'leaves on the track' and other various 'extreme' weather conditions can delay trains by hours it was so welcome after coming off a plane. After getting settled into the hotel it was straight to bed.

Day 2

This was our last day at the hotel as we only booked it because it was local to recover from our jet lag. We didn't wanna brave the the underground at 11pm and attempt to find our Ryokan sleep deprived. There was a hotel bus that took us into the Narita town where we went to the Shinshoji Temple for a look around. Along the way we passed vending machines, which are just as common as traffic lights, they are everywhere! they are super useful tho and also serve as occasional wifi hotspots. We also passed a few 7/11s , a corner shop which is very common in Tokyo and again useful if you wanna pick up snacks and bento boxes.

Marisa Thorne in Japan

This was our first taste of a Japanese temple so we pretty excited about everything. It is expected of you to wash your hands before you enter so after doing so we entered. It was just as picturesque as you'd expect. lots of grand stairs, and a pretty bridge over small pond all before you get up the main shrine! The grounds of the temple were huge as well! We took a walk round the back to and strolled around the garden, it's crazy to think there is an acre of land with shrines and temples all in the middle of a small town.

Marisa Thorne in Japan

After exploring, we went back to the hotel  where Jon and I were recommended a restaurant down the road, which we were keen to try. We didn't much fancy eating in the hotel, however the one we were recommended was closed so we went to the next one. it was honestly my fave meal of the holiday, its always worth exploring outside the hotel.

The next day we packed up and left for Tokyo to stay in our Ryokan :)

Photos and edits by Jon Barker 


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