I'm donating my hair

If you are a long time follower/ reader of this blog, you might have noticed, I have really long hair. Well, not for much longer! Its getting the chop, and its all for a good cause :)

Truth be told, I have no idea how my hair actually got so long... Well the biggest reason is just laziness and not bothering with going to a hairdressers but its just always something I put off, like the dentist almost :/ I never planned to grow my hair super long, I noticed one day it was past my shoulders.... then boob level... then to my elbows and now its basically at my waist. I'm writing this a few days before the chop/ hair appointment and I'm looking forward to it. I'm desperate for a change!

While long 'Ariel' hair may look amazing on pinterest its so hard to maintain! I've found myself really resenting it (my hair is also really thick) From taking ages to dry, any hair product I used just weighed it down and didn't really do anything (hence there was a lot of product build up in my hair), styling it also took too long and was too fiddly. I curled it for my friends bday and I might as well not have bothered. And it's just always in my way..... Safe to say, I've just had enough. So it's going!

I don't know where I found out you could donate hair, its just always something I've been aware of. Maybe coming from Essex, the land of fake tans and hair extensions, I just knew women would donate their hair. I've chosen what I feel is a worthier cause, The Little Princess Trust. You can read about them and the donating hair process  here. Essentially my hair will made into a wig for young people suffering with cancer. Whenever I have got my hair cut before and look down on the floor at how much has come off, I never thought that could be seen as wasteful or precious to others. I know from speaking to people who have gone through and survived cancer that one of the scariest parts was the uncertainty of losing your hair. Which is why I've decided to give it to somebody who will probably appreciate it more than me at the moment.

I would whole heartedly recommend donating your hair to a worthy cause, it really is the little gestures that can be just as a bigger impact on someone's life too.



The finished result! 


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