||| STRIPES |||

I've never quite got the hype about stripes :/ I know they're meant to look very Parisian- chic, Brigitte Bardot esque and meant to flatter 'every body shape', but they just dont do it for me. Every time I see myself in stripes I just don't think they flatter me, I much prefer spots/ polka dots! Having said that, I don't really have any 'fashion rules' if you like something and think it suits you, just get it!

marisa thorne

The colour combo of this dress caught my eye in Forever 21, and although I think this is meant to be an oversized or long t shirt, its basically a dress on me. Its not too tight either so is quite forgiving if you're not having a body confident day. I thought I would team it with my leather jacket from Asos, as I'm not experienced with styling stripes and thought I should just stick to one other colour for the entire outfit.

marisa thorne

Anyone else out there prefer spots over stripes? xx

Photos and edits by Jon Barker 


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