The Lost Jacket

The day these photos were taken I actually lost this jacket, would you believe it?! (This was the first time I'd properly worn it out too!) I think the older I'm getting, the more I lose or misplace stuff. I used to be really good at looking after my things when I was little and it's a talent I'm definitely losing. I'm glad it got to make the blog at least. I lost it in the cinema, after 10 mins of walking out of the screen I thought something was missing and didn't realise till later that night.... 'oh my jacket!' Trying to find a cinemas phone number is quite tricky too, but after a quick chat with general customer services I was told it wasnt there, which leaves it a bit mystery.

I found the jacket in a Zara sale, and I loved how pretty but casual it looked. I love jackets that can be thrown over anything for that effortless look. It was a soft suede like material with a dotted-laser cut flower print all over it. No pockets- its only downfall, but still quite warm, despite the tiny holes in it. I was hoping to wear it to Japan, but I have loads of other jackets to take with me.

Photos taken ad edited by Jon Barker 


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