I'm going to Japan! 
If you already follow me on my social media platforms you would've seen a few hints already about a certain holiday in September ;) This is a rare opportunity and I thought I would share our planning for the trip 

This trip has been in the making for what seems like so long now, but it is slowly creeping up on us and we are nearly done with all the bookings and trips planned etc. Me, Jon and our two friends are jetting off in September for 2 weeks. Japan is definitely (for me) a bucket list country ever since I saw Lost In Translation, I was absolutely mystified by such a place that could be so traditional and yet so modern at the same time. We have so much planned as well as we don't want to miss anything and myself and our traveling compadres have all agreed we are not spending one night indoors. This trip has also required a lot of planning, google documents and spreadsheets and group messages as we are doing a fair bit of traveling. So the low down of our trip is as follows:

Flying to Japan (via Turkey)
Arrive at Narita airport Stay at local hotel to recover from 18hour flight (argh!) 
Narita>>> Tokyo
From Tokyo travel to Kyoto for a few days
From Kyoto back to Tokyo
Back to London. 

Hotels, Ryokans, Apartments?

We are actually staying in all 3 (when in Japan!) It was my friends idea to stay in a local hotel near the airport, purely just to rest. as we are crossing a time zone or 2  and I have no idea what my body clock will be on. If anyone has suffered with jet lag before you know it can be an absolute killer and can potentially take weeks to recover from. We are staying for one night only before we make our way to Tokyo to stay in our Ryokan (a traditional Japanese apartment, with the sliding paper doors and futons to sleep on). We are then staying in two different apartments for Kyoto  and for when we get back to Tokyo for the last part of our trip. We are doing this through Airbnb which I'm sure everyone has heard of by now but I am still yet to use them. I like that they are available to help you out if you have any problems as I'm expecting it to be slightly intimidating at first as this will be the furthest away from home I will have ever been. Our apartments are proper local housing, we have to take our shoes off before entering the property, there are buttons on the toilet?!?! We saw pictures of the washing machine and other appliances and trying to interpret Japanese will prove....interesting.

Things to do

As I said before we  don't want to spend one day indoors, we have planned a lot but we don't have everyday filled as I think its good to have a bit of 'wiggle room'. We might change our minds or have second thoughts about stuff, we might want to do something unexpected but here is our general list of things we have in mind/ already doing:

Karaoke..... obvs ;)
Visiting Mt Fuji,
Visiting the Gion district where the geishas live (I find them absolutely fascinating)
Looking around the Harajuku district because Gwen Stefani ;)
Senso-Ji Temple,
Bamboo Forest for awesome photos
Maybe a cat cafe- I hear they are better than the London ones
The Ghibli museum
Disneyland, because why not?
Nijo-Jo Castle
We also plan on using the underground system there too

Some of this stuff we have pre booked already as its easier to keep track of your money in £££ instead of Yen  and we don't want to have to worry about it when we get there.

I want this to be a really active, fun but chilled trip (hence all the planning) Not to mention Outfit planning. I will definitely be taking inspiration from Scarlett Johansson's muted palette and I'm shopping around for the same lip colour she wears in the film too. (Sad, I know, but ....meh?)

 I still have a bit to do leading up to us flying, the boring stuff like insurance, plug adapters, and money. I'm definitely planning some more blog posts leading up to the trip and blogging my experience while I'm out there too.

Let me know if there is anything else you think I should do in Japan, I'm getting so excited!! :) 

Photos taken and edited  by yours truly and Jon Barker 


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