Denim + A Red Lip

A fashion combo that I've only just tried out for myself and I'm loving it! A classic red lip can really pull a whole look together and make you look so glam. I actually wore this outfit for an interview would you believe it? (I don't think you need to always dress formally for an interview). I liked the idea of two different textures together, which is why I chose my faux leather mini. A denim shirt I think could be a good investment piece to your wardrobe too as it can look smart and casual, I like it as a throw on piece with the buttons undone for a more casual approach and the buttons done up to look more formal. You can even try the buttons done all the way up for a more preppy look. Statement necklaces can look awesome with this look too :)

Now on the the lipstick, this one is from L'Oreal and I bought for a Taylor Swift gig ('That red lip classic thing that you like'). I can only describe this product as a matte liquid lipstick, it is very thick and I had to be very careful when applying it as it stains quite a bit :/ But once painted on, literally, it doesn't move, even after eating.... which I do... a lot!

My hair has been getting on my nerves in recent weeks, so I put it up in a messy bun but added a red alice band to match my lip colour to make it a tad more interesting. I like matching little elements of colour in my outfits.

Hope everyone is happy :)

Photos and Edits by Jon Barker


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