Denim + A Red Lip

A fashion combo that I've only just tried out for myself and I'm loving it! A classic red lip can really pull a whole look together and make you look so glam. I actually wore this outfit for an interview would you believe it? (I don't think you need to always dress formally for an interview). I liked the idea of two different textures together, which is why I chose my faux leather mini. A denim shirt I think could be a good investment piece to your wardrobe too as it can look smart and casual, I like it as a throw on piece with the buttons undone for a more casual approach and the buttons done up to look more formal. You can even try the buttons done all the way up for a more preppy look. Statement necklaces can look awesome with this look too :)

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The Lost Jacket

The day these photos were taken I actually lost this jacket, would you believe it?! (This was the first time I'd properly worn it out too!) I think the older I'm getting, the more I lose or misplace stuff. I used to be really good at looking after my things when I was little and it's a talent I'm definitely losing. I'm glad it got to make the blog at least. I lost it in the cinema, after 10 mins of walking out of the screen I thought something was missing and didn't realise till later that night.... 'oh my jacket!' Trying to find a cinemas phone number is quite tricky too, but after a quick chat with general customer services I was told it wasnt there, which leaves it a bit mystery.

I found the jacket in a Zara sale, and I loved how pretty but casual it looked. I love jackets that can be thrown over anything for that effortless look. It was a soft suede like material with a dotted-laser cut flower print all over it. No pockets- its only downfall, but still quite warm, despite the tiny holes in it. I was hoping to wear it to Japan, but I have loads of other jackets to take with me.

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Spain | Holiday Diary

I feel like I haven't blogged in forever! Well, I literally haven't blogged in forever. But occasionally life just gets in the way :/ But I'm back now :)

One of the reasons I couldn't blog is because I went Spain for a weekend, it was for my mums birthday and I only decided to film it all last minute as I thought it would make a nice little film and a good memory for me to have of my family.

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I'm going to Japan! 
If you already follow me on my social media platforms you would've seen a few hints already about a certain holiday in September ;) This is a rare opportunity and I thought I would share our planning for the trip 

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Same Dress, Different Day

I know this is a real 'blogger No No', but my blog my rules ;) I'm repeating an outfit! Say whaaat?!?!
Last weeks outfit post in fact but I loved it so much, and it is in a different location, so I hope that makes up for the fact I'm a shameless outfit repeater! Remember how much I said I loved that playsuit and remember how I said I was a lil bit of a hippy, well I really can't get enough of this playsuit :) Hopefully these pics will give y'all an idea of what it actually looks like on to. Also I'm hoping that these past outfit pics will also be part of something quite cool and special :)

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