That Monochrome look
I was recently inspired by a pic I saw in a magazine article and thought 'I could so easily recreate that! Jon, get your camera!'

Nailing the walking shot ;)

I saw this wide sleeve sweater in Forever 21, on the way out if I'm honest- I picked it up, and then made an instant U-turn for the same cash desk.  I'm a fan of wide sleeves that cut off at the elbow or wrist, those parts of the body are usually quite slim. I decided to pair it with a tight-ish pleather skirt to keep my body in proportion, my basic 'rule'- I don't really like the term 'fashion rules', just wear what you like. But I do have my own guidelines that I know I like but can still break if I want to ;) But anyway, my basic guidelines (for me) regarding proportions: Tight on top, baggy on the bottom or baggy on top and tight bottoms instead :)

marisa thorne

This type of look can be so easily adapted to anybodys style too, as it's so basic and easily accessorised with a statement necklace or big chunky bracelets. I also remember this was the day I decided to play around with some new hair products, hence the volume of my mess of hair. I like it tho, playing to my strengths and all that  haha! 

marisa thorne

Photos and edits by Jon Barker 


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