Denim Fringing | The 70s Trend

 So if anybody knows me personally, you would know that I'm somewhat of an 'accidental hippy' I don't know what it is but this is one look that I'm naturally drawn to and I just happen to pull off (its probably the long hair)... plus my mum was a hippy so it must be a genetic thing? So you can imagine my joy that the 70s trend was here for S/S and also transitioning over to A/W- which is great for my bank balance! The pieces I bought in spring can still be used in A/W and won't sit in my wardrobe for months on end.

So the ripped boyfriend style jeans which give a very laid back vibe paired with this white crochet top from Primark. I feel some people are scared to try crochet as from what I've seen on the highstreet it can come across a bit too skimpy. It seems to be being sold as beachwear because it can be a bit see through, but I've just worn this with a white bra and have also worn it with high waisted bottoms for self conscious days. I really like this one with extra long tassels, it adds a nice little touch.

I'm thinking of doing a festival themed outfit series on her in the next few weeks as I'm potentially going to one or two, even though I find dressing for festivals tricky but we'll see :)

Photos and edits by Jon Barker


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