5 Things I Regret

#NOREGRETS..... Not me. 
I think I'm in a minority when I say this, but I definitely have a few regrets. Things I wish I did or things I could've (or should've) said but didn't.. and the only way to get over these would be to share

I was having a rare reflective moment the other day and got to thinking how great it is that we all have so many options and avenues to explore in life and there is this whole 'every decision I've made so far has lead me here' and a #noregrets outlook on life which is so great, and I do agree with; but if I'm honest, I do actually have some #regrets.

1. Never dying my hair

Not experimenting with my look that much as a teen- This a sort of half regret. I absolutely love my hair color now but as a child/teen I hated it! It wasn't so much that I hated the color, it was more the fact that other people hated it and I hated that I got grief for it. But I swear, as I was growing up the only people who liked it was my mum and older women in the supermarkets. Enter my teen angst phase and I suddenly wanted to dye it blue! 'Absolutely NOT!' said mum. And I (begrudgingly) listened to her. While I'm glad I did now and I'm glad I didn't have to deal roots and the upkeep of it all and potentially ruining my natural colour; but at the end of the day it's just hair and it will grow back. Maybe I'll do it when I'm 80 with grey hair?

2. Going to uni?

Quite a big one here and I feel that anybody who is the in the same age bracket as me will feel the same. But in hindsight, I didn't really gain anything from going to uni apart from a few friends and a lot of hangovers. I wish I'd had a gap year after college, that would have given me time to at least think about what I wanted out of life and what career I wanted (I've never known what I wanted to do FYI and envy those that do). And if I'd known what job I was going to end up in now, I probably wouldn't have gone.

3. Giving up hobbies as a teen

As a child/teen I experimented with a few hobbies at different times and although I enjoyed some of them, I never stuck at them. I didn't stick at dance because I always felt left out by the other girls, and that I wasn't as good as them either so phased it out. I also remember having to give up kickboxing because my GCSE's were suffering. I regret not just carrying on with them anyway regardless of my GCSE results- which were still rubbish! I feel like if I had carried on, I would have an extra little talent under my belt... and be fierce as fuck!

4. Not doing my maths GCSE

I hate maths. Now I'm a bright woman but if you put me in front a basic sum I will be reduced to tears and probably have a panic attack. I told my maths teacher I would rather die than be in her maths class and as much as she tried to help me, I was a lost cause. The day before the test I ran to her class and begged her to put me in the lower banded test so the highest result I could achieve would be a D. I needed a C to do all my chosen subjects at college. I was literally setting myself up for failure. Because I had technically failed the test I then had to re-take the whole thing at college next year! Because I had to retake a year there was no extra room for one of my chosen A level subjects, photography, which I really wanted to study but totally missed out on because I thought I couldn't handle it.

5. Spending more time with family

I'm from a really small family and sadly we're not all close. The anti- Kardashians you might say? But it's so important to get to know them as I realise I didn't make much of an effort with some members and now it's too late. I feel like there is a whole part of my family that I dont even know who they were, what they did, what kind of life they had. So yea, I always make a conscious effort to try and attend every family gathering there is.

Hope this wasn't too much of a downer for y'all, but this was one of those honest to blog posts I felt that no one really touches on xx


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