Missguided | Wishlist

    A summery inspired wish list; My top picks from Missguided:

I've hit that blogging slump recently, but still wanted to blog today, so I thought I would do summit easy. I always forget about Missguided if I'm honest, (my main internet shop is Asos). Actually if I'm being totally honest I don't internet shop that much at all. I think its because I work in a shopping centre that all my highstreet/ fashion needs are on my doorstep. But its always refreshing to shop around new places.

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I wear colour

Despite the name of my blog, you may have noticed my wardrobe tastes aren't exclusive to just the colour black. Welcome to the colour post! 

marisa thorne

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Confidence and the art of 'owning it'

These are some really old pictures, but I'm in a blogging mood today and really liked how the lighting came out in the pics. I'm also in the process of 'styling'/ helping my BFF for a gig outfit (coz sometimes I do stuff like that). Saying she's fickle is an understatement!! Self-conscious too. Self-conscious about how she'll look to other people and in pictures mainly. Not only is this exhausting and takes the fun out of shopping and outfit planning but also really sad. Why should she feel conscious in an outfit she really likes when she first puts it on, but will doubt 5mins later? 

As with most trends, it always goes hand in hand with confidence! With an added sprinkle of not giving a fuck' ;) On the day these photos were taken, I wasn't very organised and I'd forgotten most of my clothes, my hairbrush, no biggie- my hair is a natural state of scruffy anyway haha. And I'd also forgotten my shoes! Thats right, those are my work trainers I'm wearing (really comfy). So having no choice but to wear my trainers with a mini skirt, I thought 'oh well, lets just get on with it' and I actually like this outfit ensemble (maybe with different trainers haha) I now like the jumper/ mini skirt/ trainer combo! I wish more girls wore their clothes with self confidence :) xx

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Kendall & Kylie for Topshop

Kendall. Kylie. Topshop. 3 words that definitely caught my interest. I pick out my fave pieces from their first collection with Topshop  

I love collabs like this and I'm always curious when there is a new fashion/ celebrity collab.   
Especially if it's on the high street, it just makes it that much more accessible to us. And I personally love Kendall, she is my model of the moment! I was slightly disappointed as to how small the collection was as I remember Kate Moss' 2007 collection being a bit bigger, but I imagine they are just testing the water with this one :) This collection is a very LA laid back, cool kinda vibe, perfect for summer so I picked out a few of my fave bits. I hope they have more collections with Topshop in the future!

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