Topshop freckle pencil

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A makeup review or at least a first impressions post as I'm no beauty expert. I give my opinion on Topshop's freckle pencil.

I love freckles and when the sun comes out and they are brought out with a natural tan I think it looks absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the ability to freckle, even though I am fair skinned. So when I was browsing Topshops makeup the other day and came across it, I bought it on a whim as I happened to have £5.00 in cash on me.

The only other makeup products I've really tried from Topshop are their nail varnishes, and lipsticks which are all great but when I came to using this I couldn't help feel this was a slight gimmicky product. It is essentially a brown eye liner, so if you did want to create some fake freckles and happened to already own a brown pencil eye liner, that would work just as well. The trick is to keep it really really sharp. 

This took me a while to get just how I wanted it but I applied mine just over the bridge of my nose, anything more for me, I feel will be to obviously fake. I gently patted it in and then reapplied, I did this about two or three times and then applied some bronzer. I did notice the staying power wasn't great either, but if you don't mind reapplying your make up then that's probably fine. Although not completely sold on this as creating freckles I do like that it doubles up as an eye liner.        

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