TheStevie inspired white top

So if you read my post earlier this week you would've seen I took a lil trip to Primark and bought some bits and pieces, this is one of the looks I created using those pieces. 

This top is a total reminder of something Stevie Nicks would wear, very new romantic, gypsy kinda look. Although it can be seen as a bed sheet- this blouse comes up huge! I was surprised it actually stays up on me haha! Again I teamed it it with some over-sized, slouchy denim shorts. And after the last post I really wanna see what these look with denim flares. 

This top is so versatile and can actually be worn 2 ways, completely off the shoulder, which I like the least due to my 'man shoulders', or the 2nd way (and how I'm wearing it in the pictures) just slouchy over both shoulders. You could also wear it one on-one off the shoulder look, but I'd be worried of looking a bit wonky :/

What way would you wear it? xx

Photos and edits by Jon Barker



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