Beauty Haul

I went shopping! 
This time it's not a fashion haul, but a beauty one :)
I'm a massive makeup novice and normally find shopping for makeup a tad overwhelming so here I talk you through what I bought.. 

I'm really fussy when it comes to make up and I'm not very adventurous in my choices  either. I've been rocking pretty much the same makeup look for a good few years now, and when I find a product I like I tend to stick with it. But a few things are running low and I felt like I should branch out a bit. I've included links to all the products too. 

    This is a repeat buy for me, I buy it every summer. I get nervous about the idea of having a full blown fake tan on me, and being from Essex there are just too many horror stories and I cant put up with the aggro/ upkeep that comes with a fake tan. A gradual self tanning moisturiser is more suited to me and the most natural option if you did want a tan.

I suffer from greasy eyelids (eew!) and therefore my eye makeup always creases or transfers to, well, all over the place really! So I need eye primer. My current one is drying up and this one was so cheap at £2.50

My current No.7 foundation is running low and all though I love the natural finish, I just wanted a change so went for a Superdrug's own brand one. I was sold on the 'illuminating' bit as I've noticed in pictures for this blog, my skin looks very very matt and slightly dull looking. This also offers medium coverage which I think is needed for pictures. 

Another MUA product, but they are such a good brand and it was a £1! I was also looking to try a powder foundation for in the summer when I don't want to cover up or for when I'm having a good skin day. I also had to buy a powder brush so I went with a superdrug branded one just because face powder is so new to me and didn't want to spend a chunk of money on products that I might not like or get on with. 

So as I mentioned before, I've noticed that my face in blog pictures can look slightly dull and matt, so I thought I could team this product up with my 'illuminating foundation' to see if it made a difference to my complexion. Will let you know how I get on :) I also liked that it was a balm rather than creamy like moisturizer.

This is the cutest brand I've seen for ages too, they have different fruit depending on what skin problem you have, mine is uneven so went with grapefruit :) One beauty thing I have bought into over the years is to look after your eyes, as they wrinkle the easiest. I've never found an eye cream that I was totally sold on, but hopefully I'll see the benefit of it when I'm older. My old one needed replacing and this one says it brightens dark circles which is a look I seem to want to rock this summer :)

So there was my first beauty haul and I'll let you know how I get on with all the products :)
Photos and edits all done by yours truly. 


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