Default outfit

A easy outfit, for any occasion that looks effortless all the time
I haven't blogged in a long time and what with the extended easter weekend it slipped my mind to upload photos (my bad)

If you like me are 99% of the time in a rush, its always handy to have 'a-go-to' outfit in the works, an easy, effortless outfit that you know looks amazing. All the time... for anything! I have a few of these up my sleeve for when I don't really have time to plan an outfit, yes I have been known to plan what I'm wearing for the next the day. This outfit is essentially really simple: black skorts which I've blogged about 1000 times, a silk white t-shirt and a long kimono to make things interesting :) This can also be worn in the summer without tights and any choice of footwear.


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