What's in my bag?

Not gonna lie, I love a what's in my bag post (blog/ vid) and my bag needed a good old clear out. I've also taken it upon myself to up my photography game, or at least attempt to and its good to learn something new, right? I must admit I did feel silly emptying out the contents of my bag and arranging it nicely to take photos.

I've watched/ read quite a few of these posts before and have noted that most bloggers/ vloggers will say something along the lines of: 'No idea what's in here, just gonna pull stuff out at random' etc etc.. NOPE, not me! My bag was gross, so what you're seeing here is a highly highly edited version ;) Items not included in this post due to a slight ick factor: old receipts, an old cinema ticket (Selma, if you're interested) foreign coins, an empty Oreos packet, broken earphones, fluff and finally dust. I never switch up my handbag even on night out and I don't really go for big oversized bags either I can never fill them up.

So here is the final edit and and what I was left with when I had tidied it up

My purse, ibuprofen (always useful) compact mirror, eye drops, hoop earrings, my four silver rings- if I'm not wearing them they will be in my bag. These rings are really personal to me and I just like to have them near me, don't know why? An oyster card, I have like, five. Four lip products.. four?!?! Who needs four?!?! Vaseline, a glittery Little Mermaid lip balm that I've never used, an old body shop  lipstick, a duo lipstick and lip gloss which I'm actually allergic to so will be throwing out and a Balance Me tinted lip salve. I also use Carmex but I appear to have misplaced it. A green stone my best friend bought me from Eygyt its meant to be lucky :) My phone (obvs) and a picture of my boyfriend, coz y'know.... :) :)

Hope you liked today's post xx


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