The Sunglasses Wishlist

Hello, Sunshine

So as I type this, its not exactly sunny but whenever it has been I don't have any to hand, they are all broken or lost. As someone who wore glasses for most of her childhood/ teenage years and then early adulthood I could never wear them (prescription lenses I found were too expensive) so I just put up with squinting in the bright light... so attractive!  I've compiled this wishlist of Sunglasses and as you can tell I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to what shape and style I like/ that suits me. I have an oval face so can pull off pretty much most shapes, hence why they are all so different. 

I personally need about 3 pairs of sunglasses, one pair that stays in my car,being blinded while driving is horrible! One pair that stays in my bag and an extra spare pair just in case. I find sunglasses are one of the ultimate 'cool girl' accessories and the styles are so much fun :) I'm always drawn to oversized ones (also good for hangovers) and I love heart shaped ones too, they remind me of Lolita which is one of my fave stylistic films. most of these come from Topshop, Asos, and Accessorize, When I eventually buy a pair (or a few) I'll maybe attempt a post on those too :)


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