So as someone who blogs, its quite natural to also read a lot of blogs. I think they are great for inspiring outfits and blog posts. I was feeling particularly inspired by thegirlsbehindthecamera, they are two blogger's who have awesome location photography and their outfits fit well with their background and it all comes together so nicely. Defiantly have a look :)  

 As the weather gets better/ brighter and hopefully warmer I tend to wear more girly, lighter clothes. I like pattens that clash with each other, it helps if you like the care-free, undone look. I rocked 3 separate prints: the slip dress with its sea horse print, the lightweight floral jacket(with subtle beading detail) and my floral print trainers. Such a mis-mash of colours, but I think it works.

Also news flash: In association with these pics, I have launched my twitter account! (yay!) You can follow me (if you like) @marisa_thorne for blog posts and the like.


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