Birthday Ideas

My Birthday!
~My actual birthday, not my blog birthday~

I Started 'moodboarding' to help me gather inspiration for what to wear on my birthday and came up with 3 looks :) Birthdays are great excuse to dress up and go OTT with hair and make-up and to really enjoy yourself. While I probably wont be wearing any of these outfits, I had fun daydreaming and moodboards are an amazing source of inspiration for anything! I didn't have a specific 'look' in mind when shopping but I will probably be making a few cheeky purchases on Asos soon, hopefully I will be able to share those with you all soon :) xx

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The Sunglasses Wishlist

Hello, Sunshine

So as I type this, its not exactly sunny but whenever it has been I don't have any to hand, they are all broken or lost. As someone who wore glasses for most of her childhood/ teenage years and then early adulthood I could never wear them (prescription lenses I found were too expensive) so I just put up with squinting in the bright light... so attractive!  I've compiled this wishlist of Sunglasses and as you can tell I'm still a bit of a novice when it comes to what shape and style I like/ that suits me. I have an oval face so can pull off pretty much most shapes, hence why they are all so different. 
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Casual Lilac

Its still that weird cloudy/ overcast weather at the moment, which is perfect for pictures but not so great for eclipses. So after having got up early to see it and then realising we were never gonna see it we thought we'd take some pics instead :)

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Embellished denim wishlist

One of the key trends for SS15 is denim and I have to admit I wasn't particularly blown away at first but I was doing a little internet shop and was really inspired by what is on the market at the moment.  Paired with the 70's disco trend denim got a bit more interesting and sparkly! Brands like Bliss and Mischief are great if you like the LA cool look. My internet search also lead me to Shop Style, a feast for the eyes but way out of my price range :( Good for inspiration though if you wanted a go at customizing your own jeans. Unfortunately this trend seems to be a bit expensive (if you ask me) but luckily if you are looking to up-cycle any old jeans and know the basics of sewing this is very affordable/ easy. Just get yourself on the craft section of ebay an pick anything from sequins, ribbon, studs or embroidery templates. Or I've compiled a small high street wish list for you to muse upon :)

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What's in my bag?

Not gonna lie, I love a what's in my bag post (blog/ vid) and my bag needed a good old clear out. I've also taken it upon myself to up my photography game, or at least attempt to and its good to learn something new, right? I must admit I did feel silly emptying out the contents of my bag and arranging it nicely to take photos.

I've watched/ read quite a few of these posts before and have noted that most bloggers/ vloggers will say something along the lines of: 'No idea what's in here, just gonna pull stuff out at random' etc etc.. NOPE, not me! My bag was gross, so what you're seeing here is a highly highly edited version ;) Items not included in this post due to a slight ick factor: old receipts, an old cinema ticket (Selma, if you're interested) foreign coins, an empty Oreos packet, broken earphones, fluff and finally dust. I never switch up my handbag even on night out and I don't really go for big oversized bags either I can never fill them up.

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So as someone who blogs, its quite natural to also read a lot of blogs. I think they are great for inspiring outfits and blog posts. I was feeling particularly inspired by thegirlsbehindthecamera, they are two blogger's who have awesome location photography and their outfits fit well with their background and it all comes together so nicely. Defiantly have a look :)  

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Colour Me March

Spring is so close and I'm digging out all my pretty dresses (I was so surprised by how many I had) This particular one is actually my BBFs, swapping clothes with friends is the best thing you could ever do if you're looking for new clothes but are short on cash ;) Any way... the 11th March marks ladies day and Cheltenham racecourse has come up with the #colourmemarch competition. Showcase your fun, bright and colourful outfits on their website to be in a chance to win prizes and be featured on their online gallery.

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Layering Details

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