That LRD

 A lil late with this Valentines day post, but... this dress! Originally bought for xmas parties, but red is also appropriate for this fleeting holiday that is Valentines day. Its the most flattering, silky dress and I literally feel like a ballerina in it, it looks so lady like as well. A show stopper almost, without being too in your face.
Unfortunately this post has a slightly sad tone to it, not less than 10 mins after these photos were taken, the zip broke! After the initial fear/ delight of thinking I will have to wear this dress forever and live, breath and die in the thing, I was eventually prised out of it (no exaggeration!) I was so 'Sangry' (sad/ angry). So my poor dress is at the doctors being repaired, and when I say doctors I mean the tailors haha! I get quite attached to my clothes.

All photos and edits by Jon Barker 


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