Sequins for Spring

Must learn to pose :/

I always think it's a shame that some trends are considered seasonal; florals for spring, black for winter etc. I know sequins and sparkly things are usually reserved for winter or the xmas season but I love the idea of wearing sequins in spring and going even more in the opposite direction and wearing them in the day. Annyyyy way, I bought this bomber style jacket from Zara on a whim and its now an ultimate fave (also its surprisingly warm)! Because this jacket is a pale gold colour it can transition from day to night (also, depending what lighting you are under can make the sequins appear a lot richer and darker) I received so many compliments on it :) Its quite easy to pair with a casual outfit too, such as jeans and flats or maybe a mini skirt and slogan t-shirt too.

Photos taken and edited by Jon Barker


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