Top 5 things in my wardrobe

Trying to decide on just 5 things was quite tricky, but I figured I can always do more of these posts if you like/ if anybody reads this? Apologies for the lack of colour but I'm just naturally drawn to dark colours it seems. I've tried to keep it varied, picking different items and including accessories,  so here are a few of my most beloved pieces of clothing :)

1. My cat hat. Reasons for purchasing: I like cats..... and that's it.
2. Vintage polka dot dress; I actually found this in a charity shop and it fits me perfectly! It's versatile enough for a simple summer dress or can be layerd up for winter.
3. Pleather skirt. Again, if you're familiar with any older posts (maybe not) you're probably sick to death of seeing this thing, but I love it. My only regret is that I didn't buy two.
4. My Zara boots; these are a big hit wit my friends and really comfy.
5. French slogan tshirt, also from Zara and has also appeared on my blog before (A massive sign I should get new clothes haha). I remember really needing a tshirt, any tshirt would've done and this one came to a grand total of £1.99 and it has become one of my faves because its so easy to style wit anything. Unfortunately I have no idea what it says, any translators in the house? 

So they were my most reached for things in my wardrobe, hope you enjoyed :) xx


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