Budapest; Buda - full ;)

I was looking forward to Budapest the most, don't know why just had it in my head that I would like it. Unfortunately it rained which spoilt it a little, but just means I have to go back there again in the sunshine! I learnt a lot about this place; it is actually 2 towns separated by a river, Buda and Pest, only people from outside Hungary call it Budapest. We went on a river cruise along the river Danube to see both sides of the capital but it was a little bit like watching a tennis match, looking left and right all the time. I also fell in love with the buildings there and I'm really not into architecture so that was a pleasant surprise. I especially loved their parliament building, it's stunning! I didn't get one good pic of it tho due to the rain, so I bought a postcard of it instead :)
Thought I'd sneak in a quick OOTD/ mirror selfie too, a high waisted wrap around skirt wit a crop top and clashing pumps and yes that is a bum bag! I'm on holiday so all rational thoughts and coordination went out the window ;)



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