Prague: Czech me out ;)

Charles Bridge

I am awkward
So I went Prague! Different post from me today, it's a little holiday diary of my travels around Europe :) I started off in the Czech Republic,  stopped off in Slovakia,  went to Hungary before ending in Vienna, phew! It was a pretty busy holiday. I was really proud of my self for actually taking loads of pictures, I got a bit snap happy,  because I always feel I come back from  some really cool places with nothing to show for it. These were just my top fave ones.
We walked around Prague parliament and watched the changing of the guard, their parliament happens to have a cathedral right next it. We then got to wander round Prague square and do some exploring of the place before finding our way to the metro station to go home, the Prague metro was soo easy, I was a tad nervous about getting lost but because it's soo small, like 3 lines ha! If you are familiar with or have ever used the London  underground any other foreign metro or tube service is so easy in  comparison.
My next post few posts will be about the other countries I visited on my lil adventure :)


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