Part 2 of my lil European trip :) So I had to say goodbye to Prague and hello of Budapest. We were lucky enough to stop off in Bratislava on the the way (might aswell, it is on the way) It was such a nice day and although we only got to stop off for a few hours we still went on  a mini tour of the town, ate and got to look around a local market. We had another quick coffee break on the border of Hungary where I found some supplies; I'm one of the few women who can actually pack light but it's also my downfall haha! I never pack enough/forget essentials, this time being shampoo. Never assume hotels will provide those cute mini shampoos and conditioners :/ All the products being brands and makes I didn't recognise, I had to go wit a Hello Kitty kids shampoo- don't laugh, it smells awsome! My next blog post should be on my few days in Budapest :)



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