31st August

Blogging dry spell alert! I always struggle for inspiration when it comes to  blogging, I just find it hard for my ideas to translate onto an Internet page. Probably just need more practice :)
I was however excited to share these beauts wit you though, I saw these trousers in a fashion magazine ages ago an every now and again I would search for them online but no such luck. Until I walked past H&M an saw them on their window display, I have never run into a shop so quickly in all my life. Needless to say I was going to buy them regardless of what they actually looked like on me, but I'm glad I tried them on first as they did come up quite tight on me.
I'm loving H&M 's new collection at the moment, I'm never really drawn to H&M I feel like I've outgrown them these days and I never find them to be 'on trend' (which isn't necessarily a bad thing tbh, ppl should wear what they want) but that probably is one of the reasons ppl shop, to find current pieces.
Soo anyway these trousers are my dream trousers, black thigh high pleather and stretchy.  Really simple, really edgy. I'm finding it easy to build outfits with them too, today I went with a black silky top, I thought the mix of black silk, denim and pleather looked kinda cool. I teamed it with a plaid shirt just to see if it can be a casual outfit too and I feel it can be :)

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