Buffy is my spirit animal

So my best friend has never seen Buffy. Like NEVER! 'It never really appealed to me' she said. (Like, what?!) So after re-evaluating our 10 year friendship I decided I would MAKE her like it, it also made me realise how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE Buffy and how important it was that I watch the entire tv show all in one go asap. And what better way to proclaim your love for something than wear it on a tshirt. When I started looking for tshirts, there wasn't that much variety or choice and this was the only one I really liked. I fell out of love with slogan and logo tshirts when I was 17- they just don't sit well on my body unless they are slightly oversized, they are also typically for a younger generation which I don't really belong to any more (sob sob). Hopefully if I wear it with black skinny jeans or a mini skirt and Chelsea boots I' ll look more cool in this top rather than dated and nerdy and wish me luck on my endeavour to make my BFF an honorary member of the scooby gang :)

P's.  Excuse the goofy facial expressions, I was just so happy when it arrived :)


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